Welcome to PaemaIdeas!

Learn about how we started and what's coming next.

Where we started

We started as accounting students with the aim of learning-by-doing. We created apps to make learning accounting and economics easier. With AccQuiz and EcoQuiz, accounting basics are taught in micro-lessons with a Q&A system. Now, we also built LotusBudget, a zero-based budgeting app that let’s makes it much easier for you to understand your finances.

What is next

We are really excited by the adoption of our apps! Especially AccQuiz has a lot of users, and we have received very positive feedback. We are now planning to expand AccQuiz with:

  1. More questions and more chapters!
  2. More types of questions - for example, journal entries and calculations.
  3. More personalized learning - for example, tracking which questions you got wrong, and bookmarking questions that you want to review later.

Your feedback

We are making improvements based on your feedback, so feel free to write to us and let us know what you would like to see! Just email us at contact@paemaideas.com.

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